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Our highly experienced team deliver powerful and engaging education and marketing programs to a wide range of audiences.

Community consultation, engagement and education are core services of MRA. We
support commercial and government sectors with conference presentations, working group facilitations and workshops.

Halve Waste

We run several large scale education programs for local government including Halve Waste, which has achieved a 49% reduction in domestic waste to landfill through community engagement, advertising and workshops for 26 councils in the Murray region.

Halve Waste is the most successful community based education program in Australia.

Click here for more information on Halve Waste.


MRA, in partnership with Municipal Media, have also developed MyWaste – a waste engagement product currently used by more than 350 Australian and international councils. Take advantage of specialist waste functionality designed to enhance existing online information through:

  • Operational efficiency – by reducing barriers to waste and recycling service information and providing residents with online reporting tools; and
  • Waste education – using innovative approaches to provoke engagement and behavioural change.

Click here for more information on MyWaste.

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