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MRA Consulting Group and Municipal Media have partnered to revolutionise the way Australian councils approach waste education.
MyWaste is a waste engagement product currently used by more than 350 Australian and international councils. Take advantage of specialist waste functionality designed to enhance existing online information through:
  • Operational efficiency – by reducing barriers to waste and recycling service information and providing residents with online reporting tools; and
  • Waste education – using innovative approaches to provoke engagement and behavioural change.

MyWaste provides Council with a systematic framework for effective waste education and behaviour change based on behavioural insights or nudge theory. Key tenets are to keep it:

  • Easy – If you want someone to do something, start by making it easy for them to do the right thing.
  • Attractive – Making something more attractive is about attracting an individual’s attention, then rewarding desired behaviours appropriately.
  • Social – We are heavily influenced by the beliefs and actions of those that we interact with.
  • Timely – Timing is everything, but is often an overlooked aspect of the policy and change making process.

redefinING waste service communications

Operational efficiency

MyWaste is designed to answer residents’ enquiries immediately and easily online so they don’t need to pick up the phone and call council. This saves council staff time and helps to streamline management of the waste service.

A significant amount of residents' enquiries can be easily handled online, including checking the date of the next clean-up service, e-waste drop-off days, accepted materials, drop-off locations, opening hours and missed or broken bins.

A hard waste/clean up service booking system module can also be added to the interface.

The communication challenge

Communication with households is more difficult than ever due to diverse requirements and interest levels. The attention span of the Australian population is declining while the complexity of waste and recycling services is increasing.

A systematic approach to waste education and behaviour change is essential for councils to cut through and manage contamination and educate residents about changes to waste and recycling services.

Waste education

MyWaste is designed to give Council smart tools that engage and educate to deliver behaviour change.

Data driven behaviour change – If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it! Utility companies have been at the forefront of behaviour change using meaningful consumption data to engage and educate households. However, despite significant investment in waste education programs, households are still in the dark when it comes to their own waste generation. Councils collect a range of waste and recycling data but this information is rarely accessible. MyWaste brings meaning to the numbers and revolutionises waste education.

For the first time, MyWaste gives residents the access and tools to track their recycling rates, generation data and greenhouse gas emissions. The platform also provides councils with a visualised understanding of localised performance, allowing resources to be used more efficiently.

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Social by design

The launch of the Social 'Recycling Suggestion' function allows residents to submit, like and comment on reuse ideas. Moderated by Municipal Media, the ideas bank will grow over time and provide a valuable reference point for the community.

Extend the story

There is also an ongoing program to develop a bank of ‘what happens next’ resources which tell the recycling story 'beyond the bin' for different materials. With a focus on closing the loop, the function supports video, images and text.

Complete control is just a click away!

The MyWaste plug-in is controlled by Council using a specialist Content Management System (CMS) that provides immediate access to edit and update content. The CMS also provides access to a powerful messaging and notifications platform that allows communications to be distributed to residents. Council is provided with access to:

  1. Update what goes where
  2. Create and publish events
  3. Create and manage the permission settings of users
  4. Add, update and remove depots accepted materials, location and opening hours
  5. Access reports:
    • ‘What goes where' historic search data
    • Waste analytics data
  6. Send targeted messages to:
    • Defined collection runs (waste, recycling, etc.)
    • Single and/or multi-unit dwellings
  7. Send targeted messaging via email, SMS, phone, Facebook and Twitter


More information

For more information about MyWaste and the functionality it offers council waste and sustainability departments, email
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