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Roslyn Florie-George appointed Business Manager at MRA Consulting Group

Roslyn Florie-George has been appointed Business Manager at MRA Consulting Group, in recognition of her engineering and management skills and dedication.

A civil engineer from the University of NSW, Roslyn has worked with MRA Consulting Group for the last three years, completing major projects for both government and private clients.

Florie-George now manages a team of 15 staff focusing on recycling and waste strategy, carbon, commercial negotiations, licencing, development consents, grants, auditing and education.

Director of MRA, Mike Ritchie said “I am delighted to announce Roslyn’s promotion. It is great to see more young women moving into management roles in the waste industry. Roslyn is brilliant at what she does.”

“It makes me very proud of our company, we have more than 50% female consultants and now the business manager is also a woman”.

Florie-George said “MRA continues to provide recycling/waste related strategic and implementation advice to businesses and government, across Australia. With the Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI) transitioning into the Emissions Reduction Fund, the waste and recycling sector is well positioned to benefit from carbon abatement once again.”

“We have worked with more than a 30 clients to help them win grant funding under the NSW Government Waste Less, Recycle More $467 million grants program. With a very high win rate MRA now looks forward to helping these clients turn their grant funding into projects.”

“We are also working with regional councils throughout Australia to help them improve the commercial and environmental performance for their waste and recycling infrastructure.”

“More broadly, I see the emergence of Waste to Energy technology in Australia as an exciting new opportunity for the sector.”

The appointment of Florie-George coincides with Julien Gastaldi taking up the role of Manager Business Development, who will also be working to build up MRA’s new office in Melbourne.


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