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MRA is a young and dynamic team with solid experience and heavy-hitting qualifications.
Mike Ritchie Mike Ritchie
MSc Oxford, MBA Sydney and BSc Hons Griffith University

With 25 years experience in environmental policy and business development, Mike is currently:

  • Chair of the Carbon Division and AWT Working Group
  • Director of Environment Business Australia

He has previously been:

  • General Manager with several major waste companies
  • National Vice President and NSW President of WMAA
  • Sessional Commissioner of the Land and Environment Court NSW
Dr Ron Wainberg
Dr Ron Wainberg
Technical Director
BEng Hons 1, PhD Chemical Engineering

With over 30 years experience in the waste sector, Ron specialises in project and contract management, waste management strategies, waste processing technologies, resource recovery, technical advice and quality review.

David Cocks
David Cocks
Victoria and Tasmania Manager
BSCE Hons Computer Science and Engineering

David specialises in business development, waste and resource
recovery strategy and program delivery.

Adam Johnson
Adam Johnson
Western Australia Manager
MSc Environmental Law, BSc Environmental Engineering

With almost 20 years experience in the waste sector, Adam has
experience in WA, NSW and Victoria as a regulator, waste facility operator and consultant.

Dimitris Dimoliatis Dimitris Dimoliatis
Principal Consultant – Strategy & Policy
MSc Environmental Management, BSc Hons Applied Ecology

Dimitris specialises in local government strategies, cost modelling and landfill pricing.

Virginia Brunton
Virginia Brunton
Principal Consultant – Organics
MSc Sustainable Agriculture, BSc Environmental Biology

Virginia specialises in natural resource management, recycled organics and sustainability.

Adi Prasad
Adi Prasad
Environmental Consultant
BE Hons Mechanical

Adi specialises in mechanical, electrical, environmental
engineering, data analysis, forecasting, carbon accounting, carbon reporting, carbon modelling, grant applications, Emissions Reduction Fund projects and cost/benefit analysis.

Jaskaran Bassi Jaskaran Bassi
Policy and Contracts Specialist
BA International Relations, LLB Hons Bachelor of Law

Jaskaran specialises in contracts/drafting, policy/strategy, legal risk analysis, negotiations and advising.

Esther Hughes Esther Hughes
Environmental Consultant – Planning
BA Hons Classical Studies, MA Coptic Studies, Grad Dip URP, MEnvSc Environmental Impact Assessment

Esther specialises in planning, environmental/sustainability
consulting, EIS and SEE.

Claire Mahendradatta Claire Mahendradatta
Environmental Consultant
BSc Environmental Forensics

Claire specialises in waste audits, waste management
for public and private sectors, environmental/sustainability
education and organic laboratory sample production
(contaminated soil).

Lefan Luu
Lefan Luu
Environmental Consultant
BSc (Environmental Forensics)

Lefan specialises in waste audits, research and business waste.

Navnith Grewal
Navnith Grewal
Environmental Consultant
BEng Hons Chemical Engineering

Navnith specialises in waste audits, carbon modelling, business analysis, financial analysis and research.

Richard Platt
Richard Platt
Environmental Consultant
MPhil Biological Science, BSc Marine Biology and Ecology

Richard specialises in research, waste audits, waste management plans, education and organics.

James Cosgrove
James Cosgrove
Environmental Consultant
BSc Earth Science, BSocSc Geography/Social Research and Policy

James specialises in compliance assessments, EIS, SEE and waste management plans.

Viet Nguyen Viet Nguyen
Environmental Engineering Consultant
MSc Environmental Management, BEng

Viet specialises in GIS and spatial planning.

Charlotte Wang Charlotte Wang
Environmental Consultant
BEng Hons 1 Environmental

Charlotte specialises in product stewardship (including e-waste
and CDS), social enterprise and social innovation, carbon footprint, modelling, sustainability and reuse.

James Ellinson James Ellinson
Environmental Consultant
BsocSc Environmental Studies, MSc Environmental Policy

James specialises in waste audits, research and mapping.

Kala Thiruchelvam
Kala Thiruchelvam
BBus Accounting

Kala provides financial bookkeeping and accounting support to the MRA team.

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