About MRA

MRA is one of Australia’s leading environmental consultancy firms, specialising in all aspects of business and policy reform. We are experts in waste, resource recovery and technology, climate change, carbon and sustainable development, and our vision of the future is one that is both environmentally sustainable and economically rational.

Offering customised advice to all levels of government and to large and medium sized corporations, our objective is to fully collaborate with you from the initial briefing process through to project development and implementation to deliver solutions that are specifically tailored to your needs.
Our expertise encompasses:

  • Business development
  • Environmental policy
  • Sustainability planning
  • Waste strategy and policy
  • Carbon policy and accounting
  • Waste education and public consultation
  • Business improvement
  • Transport collection optimization
  • Technology assessment
  • Auditing
  • Waste infrastructure approvals and planning
  • Advocacy

Nabers Accredited Assessor
Local Government Procurement Approved Contractor