MRA is a leading strategist in the Australian waste sector, providing advice to federal and state governments, hundreds of councils and businesses of any scale.

Contract management and sales

  • MRA can help your business develop new revenue streams and save costs. 
  • We have undertaken a number of commercial negotiations for clients and represented their interests in commercial dealings. MRA saved clients over $10 million in our first year.

Need Advanced Waste Treatment (AWT) Support?

  • MRA is one of few independent consultancies in Australia that have experience on both sides of the AWT fence including design, operation, procurement and advice.
  • We can assist Councils procure AWT from start to finish and have advised many councils on AWT strategy and procurement We do not support unproven untested technologies and our approach is objective, reasoned and low risk.

What about your carbon footprint?

  • MRA has extensive experience in climate change mitigation and adaptation strategy. Mike was part of the team which drafted the National Coastal Vulnerability Assessment. He also established the WMAA Carbon Division and coordinated CPRS negotiations.
  • We are one of Australia’s leading carbon accounting and reporting advisers. With five years of carbon accounting experience for clients across Australia we can not only help you measure your carbon footprint but achieve cost effective emissions reductions.
  • We also provide carbon education and training services.

Need approval from Government?

  • Do you need a development approval, licence or a change in government policy? MRA has one of the best track records in Australia building alliances between project proponents and regulators.
  • Whether it is an AWT, landfill, recycling plant, new business or new technology, we add value by putting your proposal before the right people in the right way.

Need help with Materials Recovery Facilities (MRF’s) or plant improvements?

  • MRA has extensive experience in the design and operation of MRF’s in Australia. Members of our team have designed and operated some of the largest MRF’s in Australia. For example, Mike managed the Chullora, Jacks Gully, Taren Point and Milperra MRF’s as well as the Visy Glass Beneficiation plant in Sydney, NSW.

Sustainable development – getting a plan

MRA can assist your organisation develop a sustainability action plan and document footprint. With experience in auditing, ISO 14001 and having written hundreds of environmental management plans, we add real value to your business.


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