MRA is a leading strategist in the Australian waste sector, providing advice to federal and state governments, hundreds of councils and businesses of any scale.

MRA currently has over 200 council clients and over 100 major corporate clients.

MRA specialises in waste and recycling economics. We have bespoke models for landfill emission costs, collection of recyclables, company commercial costs and resource recovery.

Our expertise includes –

  • Waste strategy for businesses
  • Policy advice to governments
  • Transport and collection options assessment
  • Business case development and assessment
  • Economic modelling
  • Technology assessment
  • Advanced Waste Treatment (AWT) technology procurement and operation
  • MRF operation and design
  • Waste stream innovation

Advocacy and environment policy

Using the latest market based instruments, we work closely with waste regulators to drive and influence industry reform. MRA has developed policy options in relation to

  • Landfill pricing
  • Waste asset rationalisation
  • Container deposits
  • Medical waste processing
  • Proximity and ‘waste sites’
  • Weight based charging

Our economic analyses includes service costs, technology procurement, infrastructure rationalisation and business case development

Waste infrastructure and collection optimisation

MRA has a proprietary cost model which can analyse all waste collection and processing options simultaneously. This provides clients with measurable outcomes in terms of cost, carbon, transport logistics and diversion from landfill, making decisions on waste options straightforward.

Business cases

MRA has developed comprehensive business cases for clients establishing new business, expanding or bidding for grants. Our skills include

  • Profit and loss statements
  • Capital expenditure statements
  • Project finance modelling
  • Funding proposals
  • Discounted Cash Flow (DCF)
  • Net Present Value (NPV)

Technology assessment

MRA has excellent technical, economic and policy experience with AWT development and implementation. Professional support services are available in relation to:

  • Supply agreements
  • Commercial contracts
  • Market capability
  • Site approvals and licences (including EIS)
  • Sales agreements
  • Offtake arrangements
  • Disposal arrangements and business cases
  • Capital grants
  • Design drawings and building specification

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