MRA is a leading strategist in the Australian waste sector, providing advice to federal and state governments, hundreds of councils and businesses of any scale.

MRA is one of Australia’s leading Organics advisers. With expertise in Organics collection, composting, anaerobic digestion, business cases, marketing and market development, we facilitate project development and business improvement.


Our experienced team provides a range of services to enhance the recovery of organics, delivering programs that assist organisations improve the recycling of domestic food, garden, commercial and industrial organic materials.

  • Identifying infrastructure and supply chain needs and capacity
  • Expanding markets for organics
  • Developing Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) projects for source-separated organics
  • Advice on collection and processing systems
  • Developing ERF projects for the revegetation and reforestation of agricultural land
  • Advice on the applications of organics in agriculture
  • Organics research and education

Compliant Compost

Compliant Compost is a practical and simple compost safety and quality assessment scheme for farmers and commercial compost producers that is independently verified by approved auditors. Find out more.


MRA can design collection systems, assist with the planning and approval process and support the selection of site appropriate technology for organics processing.

Our experienced team has delivered projects to increase the market for organics (including composts in agriculture) and improve market access for composted products. We also develop specifications for the use of compost in particular applications.

MRA provides advice to local, state and federal governments on the economics and options available for the collection, processing and utilisation of recycled organics. 

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To find out more, please contact Virginia Brunton on or 0438 496 834


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