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Lessons in Sorting Garbage

By Katrina Vella –

Liverpool is to have a cleaner future with the opening of the SITA waste treatment plant in Kemps Creek.

Liverpool residents generate 70,000 tonnes of waste a year with just 16 per cent being recycled.

The plant will be able to recycle 82 percent of this.

The $50 million facility, which will be fully operational in July, was opened by Environment Minister Carmel Tebbutt last week.

This is fantastic cutting-edge technology,” she said.

The NSW Government welcomes the employment and environmental gains this facility will bring.”

The facility, to be used by Liverpool and Penrith councils, has been opened to meet with the three-bin garbage system – recycling, green waste and general household waste bins – that residents will get in July.

Mike Ritchie, SITA’s national general manager of marketing and communications, said the plant would stop a lot of waste from going to landfill.

“This plant is a massive step forward in recycling for western Sydney,’ he said. It will lift recycling rates and save Liverpool Council money.”

The plant will compost some of the waste for use in land rehabilitation, forestry and agriculture and will recycle all paper, metal and plastic.


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