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MRA and Fertcare® partner to expand compost market

FreshCare Rural AdvisorsMRA Consulting Group and Fertcare® have been awarded $210,000 funding under NSW Waste Less Recycle More Organics Market Development grants, to expand the market for compost in NSW.

This project aims to develop a ‘one stop shop’ for farmers, sales staff and advisors in rural NSW relating to the productivity and environmental benefits of compost, as well as sales and supply.

The specific aims of this project are to:

  1. increase the ability of agronomic services to provide advice and sales of compost products; and
  2. improve links between agribusinesses and composters to increase on-going sales.

Fertcare® is a joint initiative of Fertilizer Australia (the peak body representing agribusinesses) and the Australian Fertilizer Services Association (AFSA). Fertcare® provides training and accreditation for agronomists advising farmers and producers. MRA is one of Australia’s leading advisers on organics and compost.

The project will provide information and establish sales incentives (similar to those operating for fertilisers), for rural agents to promote compost sales. Companies such as Elders, Landmark and CRT will be engaged under the program.

Training for advisers will be delivered via workshops held in ten regions across NSW; North Coast, Northern Tablelands, Central Coast/Hunter, South East, North West, Central West, Central Tablelands, Riverina and Murray.

The project will ensure that farmers who want to use compost to complement mineral fertilisers, can access it through traditional rural retail outlets.

The Australian Organics Recycling Association (AORA) is supporting the project. Peter McLean, AORA Executive Officer says, “we believes that the project will expand the marketing and use of recycled organic products across NSW”.

For further information, please contact Virginia Brunton, Principal Consultant – Organics, MRA Consulting Group, M: 0438 496 834 E: or Jeff Kraak, Program Manager, Fertilizer Australia. M: 0407 663535

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This project is supported by the NSW EPA as part of Waste Less, Recycle More, funded from the waste levy

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