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MRA talks the talk and walks the walk

By Leslie Mallinson and James Ellinson, MRA Consulting Group

As round two for Bin Trim comes to a close MRA reflects on progress made in NSW, the continued State Government commitment and the in-house success MRA has experienced in reducing, reusing and recycling.

BinTrimBin Trim is a NSW EPA funded program that aims to assist businesses in reducing waste to landfill. The program is part of the $465.7 million Waste Less Recycle More (WLRM) initiative which is funded by the NSW landfill levy.

Bin Trim provides funding for trained assessors to conduct a visual waste assessment for small and medium businesses (SME). These assessments are undertaken in order to assist SME reduce waste, improve recycling and potentially save money.

Bin Trim Assessors provide:

  • Tailored action plans that outline how businesses can divert particular waste streams, decrease contamination and improve recycling rates;
  • Resources such as bin stickers to aid in identification;
  • Advice and support on the importance of diverting waste from landfill and the associated environmental and economic benefits; and
  • Rebate assistance in applying for Rebates through the Bin Trim Program, that will assist the business in improving recycling performance (up to $50,000 matched funding).

To date, MRA and its project partners have assisted in the delivery of over 5,000 Bin Trim Assessments across NSW, leading to the diversion of over 10,000 tonnes of waste from landfill.

MRA has a 100% success rate in applying for rebates for our clients through Bin Trim. Rebates are available from $1,000 – $50,000 in matched funding. Successful rebates have included assistance in the purchasing of new bins and infrastructure to improve recycling practices, leading to the diversion of recyclable material from landfill.

Figure 1. Density map of SMEs recruited to Bin Trim by MRA

MRA is committed to Bin Trim

MRA employees Leslie and Kiera with their soft plastic load to take to Coles for recycling

MRA has been making a difference in-house too. Both our Sydney and Melbourne offices are dedicated to reducing, reusing and recycling in every way possible. Our employees have even taken the initiative to gather all soft plastics from home and in our office, a very tricky waste stream to recycle, to take to a Coles plastic film bin.

Leslie, Project Manager of Bin Trim at MRA says “If countless non-reusable resources are going to be used to create this durable, soft plastic film, then it just makes sense to equally have recycling systems in place to recapture those resources and repurpose them into new products”. Leslie also notes that “While soft plastics may be light in weight, they are heavy in environmental impacts if disposed of or handled incorrectly.”

As round two of Bin Trim comes to a close, MRA is delighted by the recent news announcing Phase 2 of the Waste Less Recycle More initiative. Another $22.5m has been earmarked for investment in business recycling, including for the continuation of the Bin Trim grants. The continuation of funding will maintain support for the very successful Bin Trim program and keep the momentum and knowledge rolling.

If you are a business interested in a free Bin Trim Assessment, and would like assistance to access rebate funding, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Leslie Mallinson at


If you are a council, group of councils, industry or NFP organisation and you would like to apply for a Bin Trim Grant for WLRM Round 2, then equally please do not hesitate to get in touch with Leslie to discuss application opportunities. We would love to work with your team.

As always, we welcome your feedback on this, or any other topic on ‘The Tipping Point‘.

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