Sydney Markets sends rotting fruit and vegetables to generate electricity in war on waste

Originally published on 6 June 2017 by ABC News

ABC News reached out to Mike Ritchie for a comment on food waste recycling and the effect of the absence of a waste levy in Queensland…

Sydney Markets declared its own war on waste 12 years ago which has saved it $20 million in landfill costs. The savings come from diverting 6,000 tonnes of inedible produce away from landfill, and by recycling all the packaging. The NSW Environment Protection Agency’s landfill levy has risen from almost nothing a decade ago to $135 per tonne this year, a higher charge than all other states. Landfill levies by state are: Victoria $60/t, South Australia $68/t (rising to $103/t in three years), WA $58/t (rising to $70/t), Tasmania has voluntary levy. Continue reading.


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