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The Murray Murrumbidgee Industrial Ecology Network News Update

With your help, we’ve been working hard to recover valuable resources in the Murray Murrumbidgee region. As the year comes to a close, we’d like to highlight some of the network’s recent developments.

Albury Workshop

A successful workshop with over 40 attendees was held in Albury on August 25th. From this workshop MRA identified three
waste diversion projects:

Plastic Recycling
Plastic film generators working with plastic recyclers to divert certain types of plastics from landfill.

Biosolid Waste Diversion
Biosolid generators working with local organic processors to recycle biosolid nutrients and return them to the productive economy.

Timber Waste to Energy
A local company is trialling the use of woodchips to power their internal energy generating process.

Griffith Workshop

MRA, in association with RAMROC, held a second workshop in Griffith on October 28th with over 20 attendees. This workshop successfully identified the following projects:

Plastic Recycling
Plastic recycling with a plastic film processor and a large poultry processor.

Timber Pallet Reuse
A local turf supplier that is collecting timber pallets from local wineries.

Other potential projects in the pipeline include carpet recycling, tyre recycling and manure reuse.


There’s money to be made and saved in recovering the valuable resources that your business may be producing. Timber, plastic film, tyres and metals all have inherent commodity value.

Call MRA Consulting on 02 8041 9789 to discuss your waste streams and receive expert advice.

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