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What is the cost of litter?

MRA has been engaged by the NSW EPA to survey, analyse and report on the costs of litter management across NSW. We are collecting data for the financial year 2014/15 and we are looking for stakeholders who would be interested in completing a short survey regarding their organisation’s litter management activities and costs.

The survey is a vital part of finding out how much litter costs the NSW community. It will feed directly into the development of a container deposit scheme, which the NSW Government has committed to introducing by July 2017.

We have prepared a short survey for each of the following stakeholder groups:

  • Councils;
  • State Government agencies;
  • Community groups; and
  • Private businesses.

The information we are looking to obtain includes:

  • Labour costs;
  • Volunteer hours;
  • Expenses associated with litter management (e.g. infrastructure, gate fees etc);
  • Litter funding (grants) and other revenues (fines);
  • Amount of litter collected; and
  • Assistance provided to other organisations to manage litter.

If you are interested in participating in this study please contact Roslyn Florie-George on 0447 803 955 or at


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