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MRA strengthens its Circular Economy Team

MRA Consulting Group is proud to announce Maša Vahldieck to the role of Circular Economy Lead and Catherine Smith as Consultant in the Circular Economy Team.

Maša is joining MRA from the NSW Environment Protection Authority, having worked across various Circular Economy Program areas.

Throughout her career, Maša has worked with public, private and government sectors on a variety of projects spanning across community engagement, strategy and implementation of circular economy programs, policy consultation and behaviour change programs. Most recently she has worked in the Organics and Textiles space. 

Maša is currently pursuing a project in British Columbia, Canada that is piloting a regenerative Kelp and bi-valve co-cultivation with the aim to monitor and analyse changes in biodiversity, acidification levels and carbon sequestration while developing local and sustainable food sources.

Transitioning to a true circular economy will require industries, governments and citizens to be bold and collaborative while building the path towards an inclusive, regenerative and carbon negative future. I thrive in the nexus where brave solutions are brought to life and the power of the collective is harnessed to propel us towards a circular future.

Maša Vahldieck, MRA Circular Economy Lead

Catherine is joining MRA from a career in graphic design. This change in career is fuelled by her passion in waste reduction and sustainability.

With 20 years’ experience as a designer, Catherine brings a unique eye for detail, which she promises to now apply to the circular economy space:

“Being a designer gave me a passion for solving problems, recognising connections, and seeing things from a user-focused perspective. I’m excited to integrate these skills into my work in the circular economy – an area that will require a significant amount of innovation, ingenuity and behaviour change from all sectors including businesses, government, and individuals. In order to drive circular economy uptake we must work towards systems that truly fit the needs and day-to-day functionality of businesses and individuals. It’s about generating a win-win situation.”

Catherine Smith, MRA Circular Economy Consultant

We are thrilled to have Maša and Catherine joining our band of resource recovery experts. With her extensive policy expertise and technical skills, Maša will play an integral role in managing the company’s Circular Economy service offering. The timing is excellent. The coming years will be crucial for the sector, with changes to waste policy, from landfill and export bans to a stronger focus on climate change policy and the wide implementation of FOGO. Maša and Catherine will be on the forefront for MRA to provide the industry with advice on the management of Australia’s transition to a Circular Economy”.

Mike Ritchie, Managing Director of MRA


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