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SA grant opportunities

A number of resource recovery sector grants are currently open in South Australia.

Circular Economy Market Development Grants

EOI closes 31 May 2021

Applicant TypeProject RequirementsFunding Per Applicant
South Australian local councils, industry associations, NFP organisations, research institutes and businesses that produce, manufacture, sell or promote South Australian recycled materials and/or recycled-content products.

Consultancy businesses are not eligible but may partner with an eligible organisation to apply.
The following kinds of projects are eligible:
–¬†Validate and improve the quality and performance of local recycled materials and/or recycled-content products
(e.g. product quality testing, development of technical specifications/product standards, associated certification or accreditation processes, development of environmental declarations or labels, lab testing and trials that validate products)

–¬†Develop new markets or expand existing markets for local recycled materials and/or recycled-content products
(e.g. communication and promotional activities, market analysis, market development and implementation plans, engagement to connect suppliers with markets, development of sustainable procurement strategies, market research for priority waste streams ‚Äď plastics, paper and cardboard, glass, scrap metals, textiles, e-waste and tyres)¬†
–¬†Private sector businesses:¬†up to $100,000 per applicant, up to a maximum 50% of eligible project costs.

Other organisations: up to $100,000 per applicant for between 50%-100% of eligible project costs.

Total of $300,000 available 2020-21 

Industry & Business Groups – LEAP Grant

Currently accepting expressions of interest.

Applicant TypeProject RequirementsFunding Per Applicant
Peak industry bodies or associations, and coordinated business groups that represent the interests of South Australian businesses within a specific industry sector or defined geographical areaEligible projects are ones:

–¬†that allow the applicant to Lead-Educate-Assist-Promote sustainable business practice to constituents
–¬†that help applicants take a ‚Äúleap‚ÄĚ in transitioning to a circular economy
–¬†delivered in partnership with a suitably qualified service¬†provider.

Projects must address one or more of the following:
–¬†improved waste management, prioritising action in accordance with waste hierarchyprinciples
–¬†waste avoidance initiatives, including (but not limited to) product redesign, service reconfiguration, industrialsymbiosis
–¬†resource efficiency (energy, water,¬†materials)
–¬†lean production principles and¬†practicessustainable supply chain management and product stewardship initiatives
Up to $50,000 per applicant

What will not be funded?
–¬†An established program that is currently running, or has been run in recentyears
–¬†Projects that benefit a singleorganisation
–¬†Projects that present generic advice, target an undefined group of businesses, and/or target a community (non-business-related)group

Valuing Business Waste Grants

Currently accepting expressions of interest.

Applicant TypeProject RequirementsFunding Per Applicant
South Australian businesses, not-for-profits, tertiary education institutions, state or local government agenciesEligible projects are those:
–¬†delivered by a suitably qualified, independent service provider to assist with the transition to a circular¬†economy
–¬†focus on the waste management¬†hierarchy.

Eligible projects include:
–¬†waste and recycling assessments, and materials efficiency assessments
–¬†waste and recycling contract¬†reviews
–¬†feasibility studies that analyse a specific solid waste reduction opportunity
–¬†investigation and business case development relating to practical implementation of circular economyprinciples
– strategic waste management planning anddevelopment
Up to $15,000 per applicant

What will not be funded?
–¬†In-kind costs, wages and salaries incurred by the¬†applicant
–¬†Waste audits of pre-schools, primary and secondary schools

Activities that offer no greater benefit other than meeting regulatory compliance

MRA has submitted more than 200 grant applications to date, winning more than $60m in funding for our clients.

We can provide a one-stop shop to maximise your chances of success and can assist by: 

  • Preparing grant proposals on your behalf;
  • Reviewing grant proposals; 
  • Source equipment providers;
  • Provide costings on infrastructure;
  • Prepare the business case; and 
  • All of the necessary financial feasibility analysis requirements.

If your organisation is interested in any of the above grant programs, please contact Emma Yuen on or on 0416 474 642 or or on (02) 8541 6169.


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