Key points on COAG export bans
Circular Economy
29 September 2020

Key points on COAG export bans

One of the most interesting Coffs Waste sessions this year was the COAG panel discussion addressing the forthcoming export bans on glass, plastics, paper and tyres where Minister Trevor Evans made a number of interesting key points.

Saving kerbside recycling
6 February 2019

Saving kerbside recycling

It has now been over a year since China introduced its National Sword policy to restrict the importation of kerbside recyclable materials from the rest of the world. The purpose of the policy was to increase the recovery of domestically generated recyclables within China and further boost its own manufacturing. The new rule is a 0.5% contamination rate in Australian exported material. Few Australian Materials Recovery Facilities (MRF) were built for that level of purity.

NSW Grants Summary – applications now open
16 June 2015

NSW Grants Summary – applications now open

The NSW EPA has released four new grant programs under the $465.7 million NSW Government Waste Less Recycle More program. The new grants provide a one off opportunity to a range of eligible applicants within NSW, including local governments, businesses, industry and the community. The new grant rounds are summarised below. Grant Streams Maximum funding […]

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