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NSW Grants Summary – applications now open

The NSW EPA has released four new grant programs under the $465.7 million NSW Government Waste Less Recycle More program.

The new grants provide a one off opportunity to a range of eligible applicants within NSW, including local governments, businesses, industry and the community. The new grant rounds are summarised below.

Grant Streams Maximum funding per Applicant Closing Date
Community Recycling Centre Program 1. Enhancement or upgrade of existing CRCs $250k 2 July 2015
2. Establishment of new CRCs $250k 2 July 2015
3. Trial and development of innovative solutions $300k 2 July 2015
Innovation in Priority Problem Wastes Management Program 1. Infrastructure projects $100k – $1m 16 July 2015
2. Research and development $20k – $100k 16 July 2015
Landfill Consolidation and Environmental Improvements 1. Landfill Consolidation $200k 18 August 2015
2. Environmental Improvement $200k 18 August 2015
Organics market development grants 1. Product Quality $10k – $50k 15 November 2016
2. Market Development $50k – $500k 11 August 2015

MRA has submitted approximately 60 WLRM grant applications to date, winning more than $22m in funding for MRA clients. The applications comprise more than 65 individual waste infrastructure assets for NSW.

MRA has also recently wrapped up its Round 1 ‘Bin Trim Business Grants’ project, completing close to 1,500 Bin Trim assessments and improving recycling rates by an average of 15% to 20%. Read more about bin trim here.

If your organisation is interested in any of the above grant programs, please contact us at or call 02 8581 6169. MRA can provide drafting, reviewing and design assistance to maximise your chance of success.


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