UN towards a pollution-free planet
24 January 2018

UN towards a pollution-free planet

On 15 October, the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) released a copy of its report 'Towards a pollution-free planet'. The report links consumption to waste and then to pollution, with one of the five key messages being: A new approach to managing our lives and economies: sustainable consumption and production, through improved resource efficiency and lifestyle changes, should be promoted; waste reduction and management must be prioritised.

What’s the solution to marine plastic pollution?
11 November 2016

What’s the solution to marine plastic pollution?

By MRA Consulting Group MRA Consulting knew Leslie Mallinson was a champion in the fight against Marine Debris when she joined us last year. Her experience working with the Education team at ReefHQ Aquarium in Townsville led her to see firsthand the impacts marine debris can have on our wildlife, as sea turtles that ingested […]

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