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Case Study: MyWaste delivers relief for councils introducing FOGO services

The rollout of new food and garden (FOGO) waste collection systems is stressful for many councils. MyWaste shows it does not need to be.

For many residents, wheeling out and collecting their bins each week represents their most significant interaction with Council. This is a learned behaviour established over many years. Subsequently, changes to collection schedules or service types are likely to create transitional difficulties.

The roll out of FOGO services represents one of the most difficult service changes a council can undertake (since the introduction of yellow-top dry recycling bins and services). The two key challenges faced by residents are:

  • Changes to the accepted materials of new bins; and
  • Changes to collection days.

MyWaste-FOGORecognising the importance of multi-channel communication, the MyWaste web and mobile interfaces answer resident questions by providing an easy access source of information during the service roll out and bedding-in period.

The ‘What Goes Where’ (left) search function allows residents to search a list of up to 3,000 different materials – including hundreds of different organic materials – to confirm definitively which bin they should use for each material. The searchable database does away with the conventional ‘top down’ waste categorisation approach, which can be time consuming and difficult for residents to understand. This function guarantees that residents have the information they need at their fingertips to minimise the impact of service changes.

MyWaste Collection

The ‘My Schedule’ and ‘Notifications’ functions (below) provide residents with direct access to a personalised calendar based on their selected address and notification settings. Residents can choose to receive reminders by email, phone notification (via the mobile app), SMS or phone call. This functionality allows residents to adjust more easily to collection schedule changes.

To find out how it could help your Council, read more here and, contact MRA on 02 8581 6169 or email


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