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Inside Waste 2020 Consultants Awards: A resounding win for the little guys!

Inside Waste Consultants Awards 2020. MRA wins "Best Small Consultancy" and is voted best overall (small and large consultants) in 8 out of 11 categories, second best in two more.

The results of the Inside Waste Consultants Review 2020 are in and MRA has swept the field.

Not only did we win “Best Small Consultancy“, but our clients were resounding in voting MRA as best overall (small and large consultants) in:

  1. Economic evaluation and modelling
  2. Education, training, community consultation
  3. Environmental;/greenhouse management
  4. Logistics – collection and transfer studies
  5. Technology/infrastructure reviews/evaluations
  6. Strategy, policy and planning
  7. Environmental specialists
  8. Procurement – tender development, evaluation

In two more categories, we were voted 2nd best:

  • Design and engineering of facilities
  • Waste Auditing

The awards reaffirm that MRA, Australia’s best small consultancy, remains the best in delivering the work that is valued by our clients. It is an extraordinary result, and speaks to the skill and dedication that our small team of professionals brings to our work.

The MRA team is thrilled with the results and would like to thank our clients and all Inside Waste readers for your generous support and ongoing trust.

We look forward to working with you in many more waste, recycling, circular economy, planning and environment projects.


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