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MRA congratulates Tasmanian Government on waste levy

Tasmania’s Parliament just passed the Waste and Resource Recovery Bill 2021, introducing a landfill levy and with it, bringing the state into line with other Australian jurisdictions.

View from Mount Wellington (image credit: The 3B’s)

The levy is the key instrument supporting a Circular Economy and driving recycling investment.

MRA drafted the economic impact statement of a Tasmania levy several years ago and predicted a major surge in recycling jobs growth with a levy. The scale of jobs growth has only increased in the intervening years.

MRA wholeheartedly congratulates the Tasmanian government and Environment Minister Roger Jaensch on the introduction of a levy. It will improve Tasmanian jobs growth, expand manufacturing and importantly help Tasmania achieve a more circular economy.

Mike Ritchie

However the changes do not end with the new waste (landfill) levy. A second Bill, introducing a Container Refund Scheme was also approved. With Victoria introducing a CDS in 2023/24 ,Australia will have complete coverage for container recycling.

Commenting on the new bills, MRA’s Managing Director Mike Ritchie said: “While the public will notice the Container Refund Scheme, it is the levy that will drive broad scale commercial investment in recycling and resource recovery”“We have seen massive investment and jobs growth in reprocessing of waste in Australia in the last 3 years. This decision will accelerate that investment in Tasmania”.

To support this change to the State’s waste sector, MRA has also opened an office on the Apple Island with Sean Paul relocating to Launceston, Tasmania.

Sean has extensive experience in waste policy, recycling business and systems modelling. Sean’s recent experience includes providing guidance to Pacific Island Governments; recycling facility business cases in mainland Australia; government grants; and local government waste strategy development.

“I am excited to be witnessing a landmark moment in Tasmania’s economic and environmental management of waste. I look forward to supporting clients at a local level, with the support of the national MRA team.”

Sean Paul

MRA has already undertaken a number of important projects in Tasmania including developing a strategic view of the Hobart waste assets, proponent planning applications, business cases for recycling infrastructure, Cradle Coast Waste Governance work and extensive work with waste service providers including Dulverton Waste Management, Copping, Glenorchy and other local governments. 


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