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NSW provides significant support for infrastructure

The NSW Government Remanufacture NSW grants have been awarded with 22 projects receiving a total of $24m. Grant recipients have committed another $59m investment for a combined total investment of $83m across projects.

Successful projects span a range of processes and target materials:

  • 12 plastic recovery and reprocessing projects;
  • 4 tyre projects;
  • 3 MRF projects;
  • 3 glass projects;
  • 1 micro factory to innovate recovery; and
  • 1 fibre project.

While the MRF projects are essentially replacing existing capacity, the other projects are generally new capacity in NSW. As such they offer part of the solution to filling the infrastructure void created by the export ban on glass, plastic, fibre and tyres.

Commenting on the awards, MRA Managing Director Mike Ritchie commended the NSW Government and said that these grants focus on real world recycling of plastic, glass and tyres. He went on to add that:

Although the NSW levy raises $800m per year for recycling purposes, the 20 year plan commits just $60m/year for 6 years to resource recovery programs. That needs to be remedied by Minister Kean and the Treasurer.

MRA supports the grants program and calls on the government to repeat the grants quickly to avoid the stockpiling or landfilling of these streams as the bans kick in. Even with the grant money flowing quickly, there will still be a gap between production and recovery of these streams.

ApplicantProjectGrant fundingTonnes
7 Star Tyres Pty LtdTyre processing expansion project$745,184 8,500 
Australian Recycled Plastics Pty LtdNarrabri plastic reprocessing capacity expansion$2,090,000 9,300 
Brickwood Holdings Pty LtdBlacktown food grade recycled HDPE integration$553,608  
City of Newcastle CouncilMaterials processing facility$5,000,000  
Coffs Harbour Paper and OilCoffs Region Plastics Recycling$636,000  
Gilgandra Shire CouncilEnhancement of the Gilgandra MRF$143,500  
Kurrajong WaratahKurrajong MRF upgrade to increase circular economy outputs$520,810  
NSW Glass Recyclers Pty LtdNSW Glass Recyclers Processing Upgrades$228,265 5,000 
Shoalhaven City CouncilGlass, plastic and textile remanufacturing MICROfactorie$500,000  
Sulo MGB Australia Pty LtdUpgrade moulding centre for mobile waste containers$2,083,606  
Traco Pty LtdSydney tyre recycling and rubber products plant capacity upgrades$524,347 15,000 
Tyrecycle Pty LtdTyrecycle New South Wales OTR processing plant$2,888,915 3,200 
Upcycled Building Materials Australia Pty LtdSave Board Australia$1,739,128  
Valley Industries LimitedRecycled plastics – capacity expansion$422,500 600 
Vinidex Pty LimitedVinidex recycling equipment upgrade$762,000 3,000 
VIP PackagingRecycled content for HDPE packaging$492,200  
Visy Industries Australia Pty. LtdGlass recovery maximisation project$2,546,758 50,000 
WeCollect Pty LtdMobile plastics and e-waste recycling factories$159,936  
Allmould Plastics Pty LtdFull circular project$179,500  
Vinidex Pty LimitedCorrugated conduit made from PVC recyclate$910,000  
VIP PackagingPail rationalisation and incorporation of recycled content trial$177,825  
Viscount Rotational Mouldings Pty LtdRotomoulding with post-consumer plastics$850,000  

Once more, the MRA team has been heavily involved in the grants process, assisting seven of the grant recipients listed below to secure a total of $24 (close to a third of all available funding).

If your organisation is interested in discussing future grant programs in NSW or Australia wide, please contact Emma Yuen on or on 0416 474 642 or or on (02) 8541 6169.

MRA has submitted more than 220 grant applications to date, winning more than $80m in funding for our clients.

We can provide a one-stop shop to maximise your chances of success and can assist by: 

  • Preparing grant proposals on your behalf;
  • Reviewing grant proposals; 
  • Source equipment providers;
  • Provide costings on infrastructure;
  • Prepare the business case; and 
  • All of the necessary financial feasibility analysis requirements.


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