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MRA is Best Small Consultancy in Australia for 2016

Medallions“MRA has once again won the Best Small Consultancy in Australia Award” as determined by Inside Waste readers said Jacqueline Ong the editor of Inside Waste.

“MRA received a perfect score of 3 from a possible 3, given that it won all categories in its group” she said.

The annual Consultants Review survey asks industry representatives from local, State and Federal government, the commercial sector, consultancies and private sector waste generators who they think are Australia’s waste experts and why.

The Consultants Review assessment criteria include the number of projects undertaken, the project value and customer satisfaction.

MRA won the Best Small Consultancy category with almost twice the score of the next best. In addition to winning the most and higher value projects, MRA also came first in all individual categories:

  1. Best Overall Consultant;
  2. Best in strategy and policy, planning and grants;
  3. Best in data management and auditing;
  4. Best in education and training;
  5. Best in community consultation;
  6. Best in reporting and compliance; and
  7. Bests in tender development and evaluation

“MRA is innovative in its ideas and offers reliable project delivery. It has good relationship management, post project follow-up and general customer service” said one Inside Waste reader.

“MRA has done 3 projects for us recently and is quoting on a fourth. The value is in the $100,000 range. The firm understands the market, clients’ needs, project scope and has sound technical knowledge” said another.

“MRA went out of their way when it came to Strategy, Policy, Planning and Grants, in keeping customers informed of the latest developments in waste policy and how to approach these policies strategically” said a third survey respondent.

MRA Managing Director Mike Ritchie said “I am delighted by the vote of confidence from our clients. MRA has a very experienced group of professionals, who really care about their projects and delivering quality outcomes to clients. It is a vote for them”.

Tiffany Correggia, Manager of Education said “Our clients are great. We get to work on exciting projects and deliver quantifiable improvements. We really appreciate the loyalty they have shown to us”.

MRA also topped the Best Small Consultancy in Australia in 2013, 2014 and 2015.


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